.04 – Wedding

July 26, 2009


I was the photographer at a friend’s mum’s wedding recently. I loved this shot of Dave.


.03 – El Neilio

July 7, 2009

This is Neil. He leaves for Egypt tomorrow. Pray for him to walk close with God there and to be useful and stretched and blessed. He’s an absolute dude.

.02 – Christening

July 7, 2009

Greetings, salutations and whaddup?

I shot a christening recently. There was a baby involved.


This is Pippa. She has a cool name.


This is Joseph. He doesn’t wash enough.


These are Joseph’s shoes.

.01 Beach

July 6, 2009

Hello and welcome to my photo blog. This is where I’ll be sticking photos that won’t be going on flickr. Yarr.

Recently, Anita, Nick and I went to Aberdeen beach. We were later joined by Neil and Simeon. The beach north of the don has this cool little bunker, left over from the war I presume. The light that night was so good. There was some wrestling, some muffin and jammie dodger and doner eating, some snuggling (with Neil and Nick), and a fire that didn’t actually materialize. I didn’t take any photos of Neil or Simeon because my camera would have broken. LOLCANO!!!!11!!1!!